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Who are us

How is born ProModelTek

How is born ProModelTek - ProModelTek
The ProModelTek is born from the passion for cars of competition and the modelling as well as from the help of my girlfriend and web designer Francesca (soon wife).

All this has been transmitted me by my dad that loves motors, raced, competitions and naturally modelling.
It is a  collector from the 1964.....and I am in all of this from the 1973 date of my birt.

My name is Alexander Puggelli and I have had the fortune to begin to race since 1994 in the Italian Championship SpecialCar700 then turned into Italian Championship MINICAR700, with the Fiat 500-700 and the Fiat 126-700 prepared by Rossi Mario of the team RossiCorse in Grosseto.

My curriculum is rich of numerous victories, pole position, positionings, trophies, plates and recognitions.
Among the most important there are the plate received by the pilot Ivan Capelli in 1996, the ROMBO Trophy "to the best driver" in 1998, the plates received from the Comune of Grosseto Assessorato allo Sport in 2000 and 2001 and the Trophy pole position Michele Alboreto in 2003.

I have been Italian Champion in 2000 and 2001 and Italian Vice Champion in 1998, 1999, 2003 2004.

I have won on all the footsteps on which I have raced, crossing Italy from Monza, Varano, Magione, Vallelunga and Binetto up to Pergusa......it misses me to win only in Misano.

Then from everything this thinghs it is born the idea to realize in scale 1/43 the cars with which I have raced.

Our knowledges in the various paddocks of Italy allows us to realize exclusive models for team and professional and to assemble some models with based authentically signed by various drivers.


Partnership - ProModelTek


Partnership - ProModelTek



QUALITY - ProModelTek

Ferrari F430 GT2 work in progress

QUALITY - ProModelTek

Ferrari F430 GT2 Villorba work in progress

Next models assembled by ProModelTek

Next models assembled by ProModelTek - ProModelTek

Fiat 500 MINICAR Test Magione 2006

Next models assembled by ProModelTek - ProModelTek

Fiat 126 MINICAR700 WINNER Monza 2004


Pre-Order - ProModelTek

For pre-order models mail to: promodeltek@alice.it